About Us

Lawnmasters Lawn and Landscape is a full-service design/build/maintenance company that started life in 1990 as a spray company with the plan of being only an application company. Those plans were changed in the first month of being in business as customers were constantly asking for things to be done. Being a handy and capable person, I never declined a request to do tasks and jobs for customers.

In our area customers would say they couldn’t find anyone to do things for them, so we found a niche in being a full-service landscape service company capable of handling most anything they would request.

LawnMasters Lawn and Landscape

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We quickly evolved from a lawn spraying only company to a full-service lawn and landscape design/build/maintenance company. We have developed an expertise in all aspects of lawn care and landscaping with the ability to design and install any landscape or hardscape project.

From sodding, seeding, hydroseeding, sprigging, landscaping, and building hardscape projects like retaining walls, paver patios, walkways and driveways to decks, outbuildings or pergolas. We have done them all.

Early on when the internet was just getting started, we started playing around with our own website. Since 1990 we have developed our site and write our own content on our blog page. In 2015 we released our book “Establish and Maintain a 1st Class Lawn Like a Pro”, available on Amazon.

We also answer a huge number of questions by email about problems people have with their lawn. Our blog page answers most any question you may have, but we still answer questions by email. If you can’t find the information you need about your lawn care or landscaping issues, let us know and we can direct you to that page on the site.

After spending 26 years in the Lawn Care and Landscaping field, I will be doing less work in the field and more work behind the computer writing. Browse through our blog posts for topics that you may be interested in. There is surely something there to help you.