Gifts for The Turfgrass Lover in Your Life

Do you have someone in your life that loves turfgrass? Someone that cuts the lawn twice a week, notices the nice lawns in the background in the movie you’re watching and loves the Green Grass Yankee Candle? Then here are some unique turf gifts they will love.

  1. How about a set of handmade golf turfgrass coasters?  $20.00
Turfgrass Golf Coasters

Turfgrass Golf Coasters





2. Or, if football is your thing, here is a set of printed football turf coasters $13.95


3. When you need a piece of artificial turf to rub your feet on, or maybe hit golf balls off of, this 2′ X 3′ Artificial Turf Rug is $33.80 Several sizes available

Artificial Turfgrass Rug

Artificial Turfgrass Rug









4. If Soccer is your thing this set of grass and soccer ball printed rubber coasters will run you $13.95


5.  A piece of artificial turfgrass for a doormat will let everyone know what you’re interested in. This one is 24″ X 18″ for $21.97, or a 24″ X 48″ for $44.97


6. For the person that can’t get enough turfgrass, a set of Grass Blade Ink Pens should be OK. This gift pack of 12 pens is $7.50

Grass Blade Ink Pen

Grass blade ink pen










7. Start your baby out loving grass, this Artificial Turfgrass Baby Bottle Drying Rack will do it. $16.99

Baby bottle drying rack

Baby Bottle Drying Rack






Do Not park on the grass sign

Please Do Not Park On The Grass

8.  If you have managed to get that Perfect Lawn and want people to stay off of it, LET THEM KNOW! This sign will tell them you are proud of your lawn, and they need to stay off of it! Please Do Not Park On The Grass








9. Having a party outside, or inside and you want to keep that “grass theme” how about a Grass Table Cover? Only $6.00

Grass Table Cover

Grass Table Cover









10. And of course everyone needs a Grass iPhone Cover, fits iPhone 6 for $13.99


iphone 6 phone cover

iPhone 6 grass cover








Just use the search engine on your favorite browser to come up with hundreds of gift ideas for the turfgrass and outdoor lover in your family.