I Didn’t Know I Had To Water It!!??

zoysiairrYep, we here this all the time. A person goes to the trouble and expense to call a professional Lawn and Landscape Company out to give an estimate, draw up a design, implement the design and get the property looking great. Then we get a call a month later saying that plants are dying, or the new sod is yellow.

Upon inspection we find the plants are wilted and the grass is crunchy dry from no water. And yes, we hear this “I didn’t know I had to water it”. And this is after they were told to water, and left instructions on how to properly water. Do you feed and water your baby? Do you feed and water your kitten, your puppy? How about your house plants? Your horse, cattle or any living breathing thing?

Then yes you have to water your lawn and landscape. It amazes me that some people will go to the trouble and expense to have a home Landscaped, but then be too lazy to water their investment.

We have instructions on how to water newly sodded or seeded lawns and newly installed Landscapes on our website Here Lawnmasters Website

If you don’t have the energy to drag hoses around and manually water your new investment, we can install an automatic irrigation system before the Lawn and Landscape is installed. This way it’s automatic. And there’s no excuse anymore on why you didn’t water. Call for a free estimate for a system to go with your new Lawn and Landscape 888-664-5296