About Our Business
Lawnmasters Lawn & Landscape has been serving customers in West
Tennessee, and West Kentucky for 26 years. Based in the Paris, TN.
area,  Our Company does Design and Installation of Landscape and
Hardscape projects for new home owners and landscape renovations.

If you are in the beginning stages of building your new home, we can
help with design information for the projects that will be going on
outside, sometimes saving costly time and labor by co-ordinating the
projects with your General Contractor.

Lawnmasters has grown from a single person company performing
Lawn Applications only, to providing all the needed aspects of
Landscape Design and Installation as well as maintenance.  We now
have 2 Licensed Applicators on staff as well as Landscape Designer
and Certified Turfgrass Professional.

Lawnmasters is a Licensed, Insured, Bonded Horticulture Lawn & Turf
Company. We have the experience and knowledge to design and
install the Landscape of your dreams for your dream home.  We
currently have hundreds of customers in the Paris, Henry County area,
as well as West Kentucky and West Tennessee.

For do it yourself types, we have published a book on establishing a
Establish a 1st Class Lawn Like a Pro you can purchase
online and download to your computer.

The same information we use to establish your lawn, design your
landscape, maintain your landscape and lawn, fertilize, weed control,
pest control or any other lawn and landscape maintenance item is
covered in our How To manuals. Written in simple "this is how you do it"
type language, you can do the same things that we charge thousands
for, you just do the labor, we will provide the know how.

If you want to invest the time to read about landscaping and lawn care
you can learn how we do it,
order our book. Or if you have a
question about a lawn care item or landscaping project email us here-  
Questions about Lawns and Landscaping
Lawnmasters Lawn & Landscape, LLC
In Paris, TN. / Murray, KY.
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Puryear, TN. 38251
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